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Professional vegetation clearance service

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Is that undergrowth threatening to take over?

If you need help clearing away vegetation from your property then speak to one of our team at H2 Environmental. Based in Kingsbridge, we take on clearance work all over the South West region, including in Exeter, Plymouth and other parts of Devon. Get in touch to enquire.

Remote control flail tackling undergrowth
Remote control flail in foreground with lake in background

It needs to be tackled as soon as possible

Once vegetation has bedded in, it can be difficult to get rid of it. And the longer it’s left, the worse the problem gets. Before long, it’ll be encroaching upon your home too. It needs to be sorted but it’s a big job. Certainly bigger than any one man with a brushcutter and an hour or two of spare time can hope to tackle. And that’s IF you have the brushcutter. And what if the terrain isn’t particularly giving? What if you can’t access the area at all? What you need is a professional solution. A solution that doesn’t run out of juice, that packs a punch and that eats 55 degree slopes for breakfast. Namely our remote control flail at H2 Environmental.

Our remote control flail

Our remote control flail is a fantastic solution when it comes to taking care of undergrowth. With a 38hp engine, it has a lot of power behind it, and a 1.2m length of cutting precision. It can work on practically any slope up to 55 degrees and can be fitted with spikes or cleats for extra traction. And you don’t even have to push it. The whole thing is driven by remote control courtesy of a trained and certified operator. It can take care of anything from gorse bushes to roadside verges and the accompanying mulcher can chop branches, gorse and even 100mm saplings. You can hire it for a fixed quote or on an hourly rate, depending on what’s best for you. So why not make light work of that vegetation and contact us today?

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Operator controlling remote control flail
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It’s easy to get rid of excess vegetation with our remote control flail. To hire, call our team at H2 Environmental now on 01548 855609

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