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Keep your property private with domestic fencing from H2 Environmental

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Do you need a new fence for your property?

Whether you’re replacing a fence that’s no longer up to the job or you need a new fence entirely, speak to our team at H2 Environmental in Kingsbridge. We oversee fence projects all over the South West area, including in Exeter, Plymouth and other areas across Devon. Enquire today.

Wooden fence between two driveways
Wooden garden fence

Is your home out in the open?

Feel like everybody can see you when you’re out in the garden? Maybe you can’t use your garden because your toddler would be halfway down the street in minutes? Or are you worried about who can get into your property rather than who can get out? Suffice it to say, you need a fence in place. But you don’t want a prison yard fence. It’s your home, your pride and joy, so it needs to look good too. Something that’s strong and tough but that looks in keeping with your garden rather than against it. It calls for a specialist service and that’s where our team at H2 Environmental can make all the difference.

A complete fencing solution

Whether it’s your own home or you’re a building contractor looking to install fences for an estate, our team at H2 Environmental can provide the solution. We’re experts when it comes to a range of fencing, from closeboard to post and rail, and we can both supply the fencing and install it too. Our tailored approach ensures that the fence meets the requirements set and given the materials we work with, including FSC sourced timber with a 15-year guarantee, you needn’t worry about the durability of your fence either. We keep our rates competitive too and can call upon 25 years of fencing experience when it comes to the work. Call for your FREE survey today.

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Help ensure privacy and protection with a fence from H2 Environmental. Call now on 01548 855609

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