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Jersey cattle standing in field back lit by the dawn sun

Protect equipment and livestock with our agricultural fencing

Agricultural Fencing: Welcome

Do you need agricultural fencing installed?

If you want to install agricultural fencing or need old fencing replaced, then contact our fencing contractors at H2 Environmental in Kingsbridge. We’ve installed agricultural fencing for landowners across the Devon and wider South West region, including in Exeter and Plymouth. Get in touch to discuss.

Stock fencing on edge of field
Cow By Fence On Field

It’s always a worry …

What if some of your livestock gets out? Will you be able to get them back? How much production time is going to be lost in the process? And what about your equipment? Power tools, quad bikes, trailers – even livestock can sometimes be an attractive target for thieves. You need to protect what’s yours and ensure those overheads remain reasonable. It’s why tough, durable agricultural fencing, installed by a reputable fencing contractor who knows their business, can make all the difference. It’s what we provide at H2 Environmental.

An end-to-end fencing solution

Our team can supply and install solid livestock fencing that’s not only robust but easy on the eye. We tailor our service to your individual requirements and can suggest the right kind of fencing for your needs, from a post and rail option to standard stock fencing. Metal and wood options are available, with our wood fencing fashioned from FSC sourced timber that comes with a 15-year guarantee. Want to install a gate along with the fence? We can accommodate! Given our rates and that we have over 25 years of experience in the fencing trade, you can depend on our team at H2 Environmental to deliver the right solution. Call and book your FREE survey.

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Girl feeding animals in farm
Agricultural Fencing: About

Your livestock and equipment are essential to your livelihood. Protect it with agricultural fencing from H2 Environmental. Call now on 01548 855609

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